Motor Oil Spotlight

Performance and protection for extreme conditions


Tech Lube uses the most advanced synthetic motor oils available. Oilzum and Mobil 1 exceed the world’s toughest industry-agreed standards and features: An advanced proprietary formula that provides performance and protection in extreme conditions such as towing, hauling, high and low temperatures, rapid acceleration, and stop and go traffic. Performance and protection that outperforms conventional, high mileage and synthetic blend motor oils.

Formulated for Older Vehicles

As an engine gets older, gaskets become brittle, seals deteriorate and oil burns faster. Oilzum high mileage helps extend engine life by fighting the main causes of engine failure: sludge, deposits and wear. It provides:
Superior detergency that helps prevent sludge build-up.
Seal conditioners to help reduce leaks.
Advanced additives that help prevent engine wear.
Superior oil burn-off protection compared to leading conventional oils.

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