Seasonal Tips

Adapting your car to the change of the seasons

Tire Pressure:
Make sure you check your tire pressure regularly– at least once per month and before every long trip- including the spare and keep it at the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Check the tread grooves of your tires to make sure you don’t have irregular wear and they are free of foreign objects. Even wear increases the ability of your car to safely maneuver.

Winter Tires:
Remember that in winter weather, stopping is often the hard part, and it’s the tires that do the stopping. Are they properly inflated? As the temperature outside drops, the air inside a tire contracts and the pressure drops – one or two pounds for every ten- degree drop. Contrary to common belief, under inflation does not give tires better traction in the snow. It only makes them more vulnerable to damage.

Snow Removal:
Clear snow from the roof as well as from windows. Snow piled up on the roof can fall onto the windshield obscuring your view upon a sudden stop.

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