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Keeping your Car in Peak Shape

Wiper Blades

Drivers spend many hours a month in their vehicles, so you want to ensure you are safe. One way to help keep you and your family safe is with new wiper blades. Think of the last time you were caught in bad weather. Did your windshield wipers work perfectly? Maybe you saw them leave streaks or heard them chatter. Wiper blades in good condition are essential to safety. It’s been reported that 80 percent of vehicle accidents are due to poor visibility.

Engine Washing

Finally, the days are getting longer, the snow has melted and there is green grass popping out of the ground—all signs that winter has subsided and spring is well on its way. For some it may be time to do spring cleaning. But did you realize your engine might need a little spring cleaning, too?

Oil Reminders

What are “they,” you might ask? Oil change indicator lights. And they’re not just confined to luxury makes, either. Almost every GM vehicle made since 2004 has come standard with the company’s “Oil Life System,” and companies like Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and others are increasingly putting oil change reminder systems in their cars

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